Whoever finances the Russian Federation is an accomplice in war crimes committed by Russia – Ustenko

Those who supply blood money to Russia are complicit in war crimes and genocide committed by the Russians, and this will have legal consequences.

Oleg Ustenko, Adviser to the President of Ukraine on Economic Affairs, said this in an interview with The Observer, Ukrinform reports. Office of the President.

Ustenko considers the failure of large Western economies to immediately impose an embargo on imports of oil and gas from Russia unacceptable. According to him, Kyiv monitors which companies continue to trade with Russia, and this will have legal consequences.

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“We know the name of the ship, the flag, the name of the captain, the amount of oil, we know how much money was paid for this oil, the port of destination, the company that sold the insurance. We will work with this information,” the presidential adviser said.

He stressed that those who supply Russia with blood money are complicit in war crimes and genocide committed by the Russians. Ustenko noted that Ukraine would have the absolute right to prosecute such complicit companies.

“Maybe in a year, maybe in ten years, but we will find all the accomplices of war crimes,” said the adviser to the Head of State.

He called for the introduction of tougher international sanctions against Russia, as well as for immediate action to direct the frozen assets of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation to cover the urgent needs of Ukraine. The sale of frozen assets belonging to sanctioned oligarchs should also be launched as soon as possible. The proceeds should be immediately transferred to the defense of Ukraine and post-war reconstruction, Ustenko stressed.

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“We will win and restore our country. We need funds for this, and Russia must compensate for every hryvnia of our losses,” Ustenko stressed.

As Ukrinform reported, on March 29, President Volodymyr Zelensky announced the creation of a group of experts under the Presidential Office who will analyze the impact of the sanctions applied against the Russian Federation. On the Ukrainian side, the group is headed by the head of the Presidential Office, Andrey Yermak, and on the international side, former US Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul.

On February 24, the Russian Federation launched a new stage of the war against Ukraine – a full-scale invasion, Russian invaders shell and bomb peaceful cities and villages of Ukraine, torture and kill civilians.

The US, EU and other countries have imposed and continue to impose sanctions against Russia.

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