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Marvel and Spider-Man fans have been waiting patiently for the release date of the tickets for No Way Home. Traditionally, ticket sales are announced by Disney in conjunction with cinemas to maximise sales. But this time, it seems to have backfired.

Yesterday Peter Park star Tom Holland joined Electro actor Jamie Foxx on the official Spider-Man social media accounts to announce the ticket sales.

The Hollywood actors dubbed today “Spider Monday” – a play on the words Cyber Monday – the day where fans could buy tickets for No Way Home.

But fans have begun reporting online that a number of these tickets around the world have been bought up already, before being resold online for massive amounts.

ComicBook.com’s Brandon David provided a screenshot on Twitter that showed an unknown number of tickets being sold for $25,000.

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Many other eBay listings are following this trend but with varying prices.

Further reports tell of ticket listings ranging from $200 upwards.

One user listed five tickets for $14,200.69.

The seller added: “Price non negotiable.” (sic) 

This particular Spider-Man film is surrounded in such fervour because it is rumoured to include previous versions of the hero. 

These rumours began after Foxx posted a piece of artwork with three Spider-Men in it.

Since then, Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire have been expected to turn up in the film alongside Holland. 

Garfield has been rather adamant in interviews that he is not in the film, however. 

Garfield recently appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon where he was quizzed about an apparent photo of him on set of No Way Home. 

He replied: “I heard about [the photo]. And I did see it… and it’s a Photoshop.”

The audience and Fallon groaned, prompting the British actor to add: “I’m trying to manage expectations! I’m just trying to manage expectations!”

He then revealed he would be open to returning to the movie series: “If they want to give me a call at this late, late stage in the game… you know I’m sitting here in my tracksuit.”

Spider-Man No Way Home hits cinemas on December 15. 

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