Shark scare at Mullaloo beach leaves drinking water deserted

A shark scare at Mullaloo seaside this morning has despatched hundreds of beachgoers scrambling out of the drinking water.

Lifesavers are tracking a “shape” and “dark colour” only 30-40 metres off-shore, moving slowly and gradually north of Mullaloo surf club.

Loud alarms at 8:55am left the water deserted, and swimmers experiencing a Christmas morning dip have been explained to to hold out 15 minutes right before returning to the drinking water.

Perth seashores will be packed right now, with the mercury predicted to strike a scorching 42 levels Celsius.

Surf Lifetime Saving WA have noted several shark sightings alongside the shoreline, including two 2.5 metre long sharks spotted just 20 metres offshore at Port beach front.

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