Ryan Reynolds is mistaken for this actor at his regional pizza parlor — and he won’t suitable them

Ryan Reynolds has not won an Oscar, but he will get mixed up with someone who has.

The “Deadpool” star says a pizza parlor where by he frequently eats has workforce who imagine he’s Ben Affleck.

“There’s a pizza area in the East Village in New York that I’ve been going to for a long time,” he advised the “Pricey Hank and John” podcast. “They believe that I’m Ben Affleck and I’ve never corrected them.”

Ryan Reynolds says he plays along when he's mistaken for Ben Affleck. (Getty Images)

Ryan Reynolds suggests he performs along when he’s mistaken for Ben Affleck. (Getty Illustrations or photos)

“I feel it would not go around effectively if I disclosed (it),” he extra.

Reynolds states he does not get any cost-free food and he just performs along.

“I do every thing normal like most people else,” he said. “They just imagine I’m Ben Affleck and they’ll ask how J.Lo is and I’m like, ‘Great, good.’ I get the pizza and off I go.”

He also claims he has the suitable temperament to proceed earning the personnel believe he is Affleck.

“What I feel makes it so believable with them is that I look so mildly sort of set out by a celeb obtaining questioned yet again about my lifestyle and the movies and I sort of appear like I … when I depart, I believe they type of consider, ‘I do not believe Ben Affleck’s amused by us,’” he said.

The “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” star isn’t the only A-lister individuals think Reynolds is. That’s for the reason that he suggests he has been blended up with Ryan Gosling as well and he used to have fun with the confusion when questioned about the variation amongst them.

“I stated, ‘Well the variation is uncomplicated to place. Ryan Gosling has blond hair and Ryan Reynolds is a (bleep),” he joked.

Reynolds also suggests it’s fantastic Gosling was in “The Notebook” instead of him.

“That would have failed horrendously,” he joked.

“It would have been even worse,” he additional. “I assure you. It would have been unwatchable.”

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