Opinion | Protect DC schools from the pandemic – The Washington Post

By Letters to the Editor,

Regarding Theresa Vargas’s Jan. 9 Metro column, “D.C. needs statehood, not Ted Cruz’s meddling”: 

Although I do not live in D.C. proper but in the metropolitan area, Maryland Avenue NE in D.C. was my home for seven years when I first came to the United States in 1972. Even when I moved to Maryland, I continued my affiliation with D.C. by teaching Spanish at a D.C. public school for 17 years and by volunteering as a tutor in several D.C. schools for many years — until the pandemic made it impossible to continue. I think this qualifies me to support the effort to protect the teachers, the children and their families in the schools of D.C. 

This is exactly what the vaccination requirement will do: protect the school communities from the pandemic. And this is what the D.C. Council approved to protect the community. Did we not require smallpox, polio and other vaccinations when they were needed? Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) should stick to his state, where he seems to be valued because the population reelects him and sends him to us, but he should stay away from D.C., which cannot defend itself from people such as him until it has statehood. 

María-Consuelo GallBethesda