McLaren Racing – Free Fire –

Garena, the key game maker and writer in Southeast Asia, Taiwan, and South America, has announced&nbspa collaboration with McLaren Racing, and Free Fire, the world’s most downloaded mobile game in 2019 and 2020.

Free Fire’s crossover with McLaren – Ace the area – will feature thematic takeover in Free Fire, exclusive collaboration content, as well as other in-game features, in addition to various marketing social networking campaigns and offline activations.

Not just would Free Fire bring the next inspiration of McLaren in to the game, both teams have collaborated to have an exclusive version to become named “MCLFF”, an abbreviation for McLaren-Free Fire. The look together with the McLaren Racing design team, takes inspiration using their company McLaren cars, such as the MCL35M.

The McLaren P1 was created, engineered, and one that is the very best driver’s vehicle on the planet, as the MCLFF will represent McLaren’s vision for the future, where Grand Prix racing meets age advanced technology.

Lando Norris features within this collaboration&nbsp– fans can get to trap Lando through the campaign, with increased details to become revealed later on. Also available are possibilities to win Very important personel McLaren Racing prizes and notice a McLaren x Free Fire activation.

Stay tuned in to Free Fire’s social networking channels for the latest around the McLaren Racing X Free Fire crossover!

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