Letter: Be safe, kind and helpful as pandemic continues – Reading Eagle


I would first like to thank the health care workers, pharmacy workers and all of those people who are taking care of us.

We were ill-prepared for this pandemic. I don’t blame any former or current president because each is only one person. I blame our political systems. Where are our members of Congress and all the other policymakers?

In 2020 many businesses were closed for months. There was little demand for gas and many retail goods. People couldn’t eat in restaurants. I am a caregiver and remember driving Route 422 to visit a client, if there were 10 cars on the road that was a lot.

Now people are driving and roads are packed. Malls and department stores are busy, restaurants are doing a good business. There are record gambling revenues. Then we wonder why there are high gas prices and shortages of some goods. Oh yeah, I forgot, it’s President Joe Biden’s fault.

Getting a prescription filled takes much longer, some businesses have shortened their hours or close for a day.
Help-wanted signs are all over the county, even when they offer $12 to $15 an hour I am told they can’t get help. I am 76 and work. There are people who need care, and it keeps me feeling like I am doing some good. I am very fortunate to be healthy.

Hopefully this pandemic will end this year. Please be safe, be kind and most of all help those in need.

Brian Ritz
South Heidelberg Township