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PUBG also known as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds maker Krafton has sued Google, Apple, and it is rival Garena. Garena has been accused of its uber-popular Free Fire fight royale game, that has allegedly copied PUBG: Battlegrounds, laptop computer form of the fight royale game. How are Google and Apple involved with this? It’s simply because they host the Garena Free Fire game on their own application stores. Listed here are the facts.

Garena Free Fire Sued!

According to a suit filed within the Central District Court of California, Garena’s Free Fire and Free Fire Max (that was launched in September this past year), has copied various aspects of PUBG, including its “airdrop feature, the sport structure and play, the mixture and choice of weapons, armor, and different objects, locations, and also the overall selection of palettes, materials, and textures.

Aside from suing Google and Apple for listing the games on their own application stores and disbursing these to users, Krafton has targeted YouTube too, for hosting the games’ game play videos along with a feature-length Chinese film, that is a live-action dramatization from the game.

Krafton states that Garena has earned “hundreds of countless dollars” in the sales of both its games, and Apple and Google have sampled similar fruits from the game through getting a charge for listing the games around the Play Store and also the Application Store, correspondingly.

The suit showcases the similarity both in the Krafton-owned and Garena-owned games. For example, the maps as well as other locations look quite similar. Here’s a glance at a number of them for the reference:

pubg and free fire similarities as per krafton lawsuit
pubg and free fire similarities as per krafton lawsuit

Krafton shows that it required action from the violation on December 21, 2021, by asking Garena to prevent cloning PUBG as well as requested Apple and Google to consider lower the disposable Fire games. Since nothing got resolved, the developer has switched towards the court to obtain a proper settlement.

Furthermore, it’s says Garena started selling the sport in 2017 in Singapore, which was similar to PUBG: Battlegrounds soon after it had been released. While individuals claims were settled, no license agreement is made.

Garena taken care of immediately the claims by stating that “Krafton’s claims are groundless.” Google and Apple are yet to supply a discuss this case. However, one factor important to note is the fact that cloning stuff is typical nowadays. We view numerous clones of popular apps like TikTok as well as the presently popular Wordle word game. Thinking about PUBG’s revenue may take a success using the clones’ ever-growing recognition, it might prove problematic for the organization. It remains seen who wins this suit.

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