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A substantial portion of Garena Free Fire users has proven an enormous craze within the collaborative occasions the developers introduce, and that’s why the regularity of these partnerships has scaled up with time.

2021 saw many prominent associations that introduced an array of exclusive edition products in to the game, including gloo wall skins. Garena introduced these exclusive gloo wall designs during occasions organized within the wake of special events, festivals, and Free Fire’s partnerships with popular brands or franchises.

Although 2012 hasn’t seen any new introduction or return associated with a gloo wall skin, players can get the appearance of such designs with the following ways:

Garena Free Fire: Potential methods for getting gloo wall skins this month

1) Top-up occasions

The “Angel With Horns” gloo wall was probably the most recent additions with the Rising Day Top-up event. The gorgeous item was like a totally free reward for any 500-gemstone top-up.

Users can get the appearance of another gloo wall design via a top-up event within the future or days.

2) Redeemable rewards

Players can use the redemption site to claim various rewards (Image via Garena)redeem codes.

3) Booyah! application

The Booyah! app grants various free rewards like item skins and emotes (Image via Garena)Also ReadArticle Continues below

Users get various possibilities to assert popular gloo wall skins through Free Fire’s themed occasions or even the Lucky Royale. These occasions frequently cost lots of diamonds, and that’s why they have to have sufficient balance within their wallets.

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