High Calibre news for PS4 and Xbox – Diverse Bulletin

This month will see a brand new season of Rainbow Six Siege begin across all compatible platforms.

Operation High Calibre is set to expand the game with a new operator named Thorn, technical weapons expert that looks ready to shake up the Meta.

Equipped with new sticky bombs that unleash a hail of shrapnel when an attacker draws near, Thorn will be available to unlock later this month.

The Razorbloom Shells are technically grenades, meaning they provide a longer distance for application over claymores.

Another map rework is also being planned, with Outback receiving a lick of paint and several new locations.

Both the main building and its exterior have been modified to allow Attackers to create and execute more effective strategies.

New exterior soft walls have also been added to the building, and some areas have been refurbished and cleaned up to remove junk and provide better lines of sight and balance.

New locations for Outback include:

1F Convenience Store, 1F Compressor Room, 1F Gear Store, and 1F Beer Fridge have been combined into 1F Bike Repair and 1F Mechanic Shop.
2F Office Supply is larger and has an exterior soft wall.
1F Restaurant has been split into two rooms: 1F Restaurant and 1F Shark.
2F Covered Terrace is now an interior area that connects 2F Mezzanine and 2F Piano Room. The 2F Piano Room stairs have been removed.

And Ubisoft has now confirmed that the Rainbow Six Siege new season release date has been set for November 30.

Like in the past, a new update is expected to be released that will be available to download after a short period of maintenance.

Each platform will receive the new patch at different times, depending on Ubisoft’s internal schedule for PlayStation, Xbox and PC players.

And here are some of the other changes coming to the game this month, including Operator tweaks and weapon tuning:


She can now use the Adrenal Surge to revive herself, which is more consistent with other devices in-game, like Doc’s Stim Pistol.
Her recoil boost has been removed.
The Adrenal Surge cooldown has been increased to 20 seconds (was 10 seconds).

ECHO + MOZZIE – Increased drones’ time outside the building to 10 seconds (was 3 seconds).

BULLETPROOF CAMERA REWORK – Defenders can now rotate the Bulletproof Camera and use it to fire EMP bursts that disable opponent devices. EMP bursts cannot be fired by Attackers when the camera is hacked.

CAMERAS LOSE SIGNAL – When placed outdoors, Valkyrie’s Black Eye, Maestro’s Evil Eye, and the Bulletproof Camera will now lose signal after 10 seconds. The player must pick up and redeploy the cameras elsewhere to regain signal.


ANGLED GRIP – The increase to ADS speed provided by the Angled Grip is now 20% less than it was before.

Reduced lateral recoil on:

Jager – 416-C
Ash – RC4
Vigil – K1A
Zofia – M762
Ace – AK-12
Warden, Dokkaebi, Vigil – SMG-12
Mozzie, Aruni – P-10 Roni
Alibi – Mx-4 Storm

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