Fossil discovery of THIS 250-million-year-previous marine reptile could rewrite historical past

A staff of Swedish and Norwegian palaeontologists have unveiled one particular of the oldest fossils of Ichthyosaurs — an extinct marine reptile that thrived in the course of the dinosaur age. The fossils were learned on the Norwegian island of Spitsbergen in the Arctic and offer a deep perception into the species, with the probable to rewrite background. The experts observed 11 vertebrae and 15 bone fragments on the frigid-cold island, along a river channel. Afterwards, they done geochemical, computerised micro-tomographic and bone microstructural analyses and posited that the fish-like reptiles had progressed previously than the world’s initially mass extinction occasion which took put virtually 252 million years ago.”The implications of this discovery are manifold, but most importantly suggest that the prolonged-anticipated transitional ichthyosaur ancestor will have to have appeared much earlier than previously suspected,” claimed Benjamin Kear, lead author of the review published in the journal Existing Biology. The researchers, nonetheless, extra the caveat that extra fossils will be necessary to ensure if the ichthyopterigians had been swimming in the seas ahead of the galactical doom.The before concept proposed that land-primarily based reptiles with walking legs ventured into the open sea soon after the mass extinction event. In excess of time, the early amphibious reptiles turned additional successful at swimming and modified their body sections these types of as limbs to flippers to turn into everlasting sea-dwellers.The discovery of the fossils, having said that, disputes the concept. Experts say the superb creatures predated the extinction occasion by far more than 20 million several years. According to experiments, some of the Ichthyosaurs arrived at up to around 70 feet in duration, rivalling some of Earth’s largest whales. However, their genesis often remained a mystery prior to the modern discovery. While dinosaurs dominated the land, Ichthyosaurs stood on prime of the food items chain in the oceans. The domination in the marine habitat ongoing for more than 160 million several years.(With inputs from agencies) 

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