Former Ted Cruz Aide Points Out Scariest Section Of His Kowtowing To Tucker Carlson

The worst aspect of Sen. Ted Cruz’s job interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson was not the “abject humiliation” to the Texas Republican, according to Cruz’s previous communications director.

In an essay for the conservative internet site The Bulwark, Amanda Carpenter argued the proof of Cruz’s “radicalization” as he apologized for calling the Donald Trump-incited U.S. Capitol riot a “violent terrorist attack” was actually far extra horrifying.

Carpenter mentioned she understood “the urge to dunk on Cruz,” but “what took place on Carlson’s demonstrate is additional than just an example of Cruz’s weaselly pleading getting deserving of a snicker. It’s finally not funny at all.”

“Cruz at the time strove to convey that he cared about justice and truth of the matter,” she continued. “He utilised to believe that that violence was violence, and that the rule of regulation (and the rules of language) should be similarly utilized.”

But that is “no more time the situation,” Carpenter lamented. “What he did on Jan. 6th himself last calendar year and what he explained on Carlson’s show past week goes significantly further than pandering. Cruz’s humiliation is barely the position. His radicalization is significantly a lot more terrifying.”

Study Carpenter’s essay below.

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