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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) – The effect of the COVID-19 pandemic will affect children in particular for years to come, according to new research from UNICEF.

The problem is so widespread that counselors are being inundated with new child patients.

Lauren Roberts has been working in child psychology for years, but right now, she can’t accept any new patients because she’s so busy.

She explains that one of those reasons is because children over the past year and a half have experienced emotions tied to world events that they never have before.

From changes to their school routine, seeing friends, and even wearing masks and then not wearing them. She says kids in particular who have experienced COVID firsthand are dealing with stress over how to stay safe.

“I think kids are struggling on both ends of it, some kids are more fearful and anxious because maybe not everyone is taking it as seriously, and some kids are having effects from maybe being sick or getting the illness, or maybe people have lost loved ones,” said Roberts.

She says parents and teachers need to talk to children and try to explain as much as they can so alleviate fear and confusion.

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