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Internship Software Test Record
Bus 89b
Get a position or internship linked to your key discipline/system of analyze.Get a SIGNED and dated offer letter from your employer which incorporates the followinginformation:

 Employer name (give letter have to be on organization letterhead)
 Job title
 Physical address of the function location (include road, city, condition, and zip code not P.O. Box)
 Specific employment start and end dates (Start out and close dates have to be created in Month/Working day/Calendar year structure)

Be sure to observe that the you have to be enrolled in the internship system prior to yourstarting your internship.For educational credit history, your internship need to be a minimal of least 6 months very long and atleast 100 performing several hours.

Specify full-time (21 or much more hours/week) or part-time (1-20 several hours/7 days) work
Identify of your supervisor
 List of everyday work obligations (this is quite crucial!)
Finish Internship Registration Form. 
Once your internship is authorized, you will be enrolled in the Bus 89b study course.

International College students will also require to comprehensive the CPT software.

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