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BELFAST, Maine (WABI) – A Bank of America branch in Belfast hires dozens of Mainers with intellectual and physical disabilities.

“I think it’s rewarding, and I believe it’s really great because people don’t realize that people with intellectual and physical disabilities, we can do whatever anybody else can do. We just improvise, and they just have to maybe tweak their wording so that it simplifies it for us to understand, but we’ll get the job done,” said Patricia Saucier, Lead Associate for Support Services at Bank of America.

With hundreds of workers with disabilities across Bank of America, you’ll find more than 50 of them at this one location in Belfast.

As many businesses are doing, these employees are coming back to work, in-person.

What better time to come back than during National Disability Employment Awareness Month.

“Once we got back in the office, we went through a class of how to social distance and how to make sure we stayed safe and healthy,” said Saucier.

As many of us have learned during the pandemic, working from home sometimes isn’t quite the same.

“Our support services team by far, having them back, has just brought energy back into our building, excitement. They’re very much ingrained in what we’re trying to accomplish here as a company and serving our clients. You heard Patricia talk about credit card applications, manual applications that clients write in. They also do home equity loan quality insurance here. Putting all the papers together for our clients that are applying for home equity loans. That’s just a small example of what goes on here,” said Brian King, Senior Vice President.

“The more people with intellectual disabilities and physical disabilities that get hired, the more people are aware that they are able to do just what anybody else can do. I keep saying I’m never retiring,” said Saucier.

Saucier has been working at Bank of America for 22 years.

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