Anastasia—The Woman Who Communicated With Squirrels in the Siberian Forests

Anastasia, most likely the most mysterious girl in the world, has lived with her loved ones in the deep forests of Siberia for generations, but understands the previous and present of the civilised environment. They have no shelter, small clothes, and no food items storage. They are descendants of the ethnic groups that have lived here for 1000’s of yrs and represent a quite distinctive civilization.
She was produced well known immediately after Vladimir Megre, a Russian entrepreneur and writer, wrote about their encounters in the Siberian wilderness in “Anastasia”(1996), the to start with quantity in a sequence of textbooks titled “The Ringing Cedars of Russia”. 
Anastasia had a famous life-style and under no circumstances experienced to fear about meals and clothes, because squirrels would provide her food stuff, wolves would engage in with her, and bears would preserve her heat at evening. She experienced no residence or home and lived by yourself, but there was a pressure who took care of her in every possible way. She deemed herself the happiest woman in the earth. Her superb normal way of existence tells men and women that you can dwell a lot more beautifully without having the net and contentment is hardly ever exterior of you.
No Need For Warm Apparel

In comparison with urban girls who “always deficiency clothing”, Anastasia’s dresses can be counted with a single hand. She had no wardrobe, and she didn’t need to be concerned about how to match them. She even felt warmth and coldness in different ways from others. In the wintertime, a friend asked her, “Why never you get chilly?” She explained, “Because if I normally wrap myself in dresses and go to sheltered sites to steer clear of individuals, my overall body will gradually get rid of its potential to adapt to the setting. My body has not misplaced this instinct, so I really do not have to have special clothes.”
How Anastasia Received Her Food From Squirrels
Anastasia believes that “the world was designed from the commencing so that there was no want for persons to squander psychological power hoping to uncover foodstuff or crave for food items. Feeding on must be like breathing. There is no need to crave foodstuff and enable the head get distracted. The creator leaves this to other beings to take care of, so that male can are living his skills to the fullest.”
Anastasia’s childhood not only had breast milk, but also the milk of other animals to drink. She doesn’t care about formal meal situations, she never sits down and eats properly, and just picks fruit or youthful leaves into her mouth as she walks, and goes on with her very own business enterprise. She eats cedar nuts, some grass blades, berries and dried shiitake mushrooms.

She didn’t acquire the cedar nuts and mushrooms herself, and she didn’t retail store food stuff or even get ready for winter. Various squirrels in the area were being all set for her. Every single time Anastasia flicked her fingers, close by squirrels scrambled to leap on her outstretched hand to give her a peeled pine nut When Anastasia bent down and pat her knees or grass on the ground, a audio would be built by the squirrels  who would get the dried shiitake mushrooms and other saved food to her. 
Anastasia mentioned that she did not practice them, but their behaviour can be reported to be pure, and the mother squirrel will teach and exhibit to the youthful squirrels.
Sleeping In The Forest
When evening falls, Anastasia went to snooze in a hideout designed by animals in the forest typically a cave. If the weather was warm, she would rest immediately on the grass. The initially matter she did when she woke up was to greet the growing sunlight with enthusiasm, to contact the newly spewed leaves on the treetops, and the tender shoots that emerged from the floor. Her connection with the animal planet all over her is similar to our partnership with our pets. Several animals arrive to view Anastasia’s morning parade. They will not acquire the initiative to solution her, but as long as she tends to make eye contact  or a modest gesture, one particular of the lucky kinds will speedily operate to her feet.
Anastasia went into a meditative state all working day extended, simulating previous, existing and long run cases that may possibly come about in life. She experienced an wonderful memory and extraordinary intelligence. She gathered the everyday living experiences of several folks from ancient occasions to the present, and then employed people experiences to deduce the long term to assistance some others. “The past and the long run are nearly the very same thing, only the look is distinctive, but the core factors stay the identical endlessly,” she stated. “For case in point, the day to day objects and dresses utilised by people today 1,000 years ago are the exact as they are today. It’s diverse but that is not the core factor. 1,000 yrs back, and now, folks are the exact and have the same thoughts, regardless of time.”
Conference Vladimir Megre
Vladimir Megre was born in Ukraine on July 23, 1950. He lived independently from residence at the age of 16. In the mid-1980s he was chairman of the Inter-Regional Association of Siberian Entrepreneurs. On a excursion, he satisfied Anastasia of the Siberian taiga, an come upon that modified his existence. Immediately after returning, at Anastasia’s insistent request, Megre wrote a e-book about his three-day expertise in the taiga.

At initial, since of the simplicity of writing, no publishing house was inclined to publish Megre’s guide, so he had to provide it on your own in the subway station. Even so, unexpectedly, many people bought a number of copies to distribute to their loved ones and friends immediately after reading the e book, and the copies had been bought out immediately.
After that, he ongoing to satisfy with Anastasia, and successively wrote a series of publications, which turned properly-known functions in Russia, with far more than 11 million copies offered, and translated into much more than 20 languages ​​around the earth. Anastasia is not only Megre’s personalized journey – her tale touched the hearts of thousands and thousands of people and woke up the motivation for harmonious coexistence between gentleman and mother nature. There are now hundreds of ecological settlements in Russia and tens of countless numbers of ecological houses in the earth as a end result of the publications. 

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